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Artificial Grass Multipurpose Pitch in Paris

The only playground for variety activities

Head of the Paris elementary school said his school doesn’t have enough room to build football court, basketball court and tennis course. What they only have was only a muddy playground with poor base and extremely delicate natural grass. This playground was used for variety activities and couldn’t satisfy young sports people’s requirements.

Durable monofilament turf with natural grass appearance

Head of the school then thought lots of resolutions to this tough problem and wanted a reasonable solution. After the discussion with the board of the school, he decided to choose Mercy turf companies. Then our operator recommended a type of durable monofilament turf that combine the appearance and the feel of natural grass with the durability and frequency usage properties.

Mercy turf advantages

One of the school physical education teachers Eron is satisfied the artificial turf and he said:” the artificial grass of Mercy turf is better than we expected. Before the installation we sometimes had to cancel completion for the reason of the unpredictable weather. Now we have a synthetic grass pitch that can be played on it all times. None of the competition is canceled since the installation. Besides, the damaging of movement declined substantially during or after the rain. The durability characteristic is better.

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