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Sports Court Artificial Grass in Lebanon

As we all know, when the sports games is hosted on the court. The game can be sustained for more than hour, some time even longer. If the artificial turf doesn’t possess the durability, the court cannot have a long life span. Mercy turf artificial grasses are designed for high-traffic area, so they can bear hundreds of people walking on them each day. Besides, the appropriate friction is provided as the professional competition required. Moreover, the backing is very comfortable to walk on and be cleaned very easy.

Easy to upkeep

After the synthetic grass is installed, you also need a series of upkeep to keep its bright appearance and prolong the service time.

  • For the heavy areas, you should be shorted the upkeep period, at the same time, increase the upkeep frequency.
  • Keep the surface of grass dry in time, after cleaning with the water.
  • Remove all of ground stains promptly.

Overall, artificial turf has many advantages over natural grass. They are much more durable, versatile, allowing you to choose different patterns if you want. Moreover, it is easy to install and maintain.

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